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  • Forget about vision impairment, neck pain and headaches because of a long time you spend on a computer.
    Program Z-break makes breaks through the user-defined time and during the break shows exercises for the eyes and neck
    Free for Windows
    Exercise duration
    7 loop
    between exercises
    The ratio of exercises for eyes and neck
    'Turn Off the Monitor
    Ctrl + Alt + A
    Simple and fast setting
    In the main window are setting: the time between exercises, the duration of the exercises and the ratio between the amount of exercises for the eyes and neck.
    Advanced settings
    In the left menu, which opens by clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner, you can restore the initial settings, enable or disable the start and end sound signal, check for a new version of the program, select the language of the program interface, write to us or exit the program.
    Quick start the program
    Launch is done by pressing the START button. The program automatically hides in the notification area (tray). Open the program window by clicking the left mouse button on the program icon in the notification area (tray). Quick access to the program menu can be obtained by pressing the right button on the program icon in the notification area.
    Notification before starting exercise
    10 seconds before the start of the exercises, a small window appears on the screen with a countdown before the exercise begins. In this window is also displayed an icon that indicating which type of exercise (for the eyes or for the neck) will be opened.
    The exercise window opens to the full screen without being able to close it. This is a kind of protection from laziness to do exercises. The background of this window is black, which allows the eyes to relax from the bright lighting of the monitor. Every new exercise opens in accordance to the given ratio.
    Program operation modes
    The START button puts the program into operation mode, while the button itself changes to STOP. When you click on it, the program goes into pause mode. To stop the program and set it to the origin, click the Reset button.
    Monitor lock
    If you need to get away from the computer, you can use the Lock Monitor button or the key combination of Ctrl + Alt + A. In this case, the program will switch to the "stop" mode (pause), the Window’s screen will be blocked and the monitor will turn off. To turn on the monitor, just press any key of the keyboard or move the mouse.